Just Clive Jive

Author Clive Cussler

on 26/03/2012
Black Wind (Dirk Pitt novel)

Black Wind (Dirk Pitt novel) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Please allow me the honour and privilege of welcoming you to the new Official Web Site for my books. I have never considered myself as much a writer as an entertainer. I’ve sincerely felt that my job was to entertain you the reader in such a manner that when you reached the end of the book you felt that you had got your money’s worth.

When I created Dirk Pitt, Al Giordino and all their friends in the NUMA books and the characters in the other series I had no idea how many people I would eventually reach around the world. Even now I cannot express anything other than humility for being lucky enough to do so.

Pacific Vortex was the first book that introduced the main characters. All of them are a figment of my imagination except for Al Giordino. He was based on an old Air Force buddy of mine who is still a good friend after almost fifty-five years.

My son Dirk and I dedicate ourselves to maintaining the quality and creativity for your reading pleasure. We believe you will find the novels a great summer reading escape and an everyday, anyday adventure. Stay up to date by joining our Facebook Fan Club Page; where you will find the latest events, book signings, NUMA expeditions(numa.net), a variety of discussion groups and many photos from around the world.


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