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Clive Elementary School

on 26/03/2012

live School has a unique attendance area. We include students who live in Windsor Heights, Urbandale and the Clive area around Indian Hills. We come together as a Clive family and it is the school that unifies us. Our identity crisis is complete in that Clive School is not in the City of Clive, but in the City of Windsor Heights and that we are part of the West Des Moines Community School District!

Windsor Heights makes up 19% of the students; Urbandale makes up 40% of the students; Clive is represented by 26% of the students; Open Enrollment accounts for 8% of the students; Voluntary Transfers are 5% of the students and Cap-Ins represent 3% of the student population.

Clive Elementary School Top 10 List:

Clive School started as Mott School around the turn of the century on the corner of 73rd and University. The growth of the coal mines in the area made it necessary to build a larger building on the corner of 86th and University. This building burned and a temporary school (part of the Clive Rural School District) was built in 1951-52. The new school was a five-room building located at 1600 73rd Street, a gravel road at that time. Several phases have been added to the Clive structure over the years. Additions in 1955, 1957, 1976, 1989, and 1991 bring Clive to its current structure appearance. Clive has a present enrollment of approximately 450 students. Last year we celebrated 50 years as a school on our present site.

The successes of Clive School as shared by parents, staff, and students present and past during our NCA Self Study include:

The Clive staff believes that there is a strong spirit of cooperation and collaboration, which helps to improve student learning. They also believe that the principal and staff are involved and committed to student success

Clive parents believe that Clive provides a positive environment for their students. They also believe that the staff is very caring and committed to excellence.

Clive students feel safe at school. Students believe they know the expectations for their academic success. Many of the junior high students surveyed believed they were academically prepared for junior high school. Students as a whole believed that their teachers really enjoyed teaching.

Clive School most recently received the NCA accreditation during the 2001-2002 school year.

The Clive School goals for the 2005-2006 school year focuses on literacy to include student writing (process, mechanics and creativity) and continuing our emphasis on character education.

Clive School is generally a three section building with the exception of a few two section grades.

The Clive staff is made up of 58 adults (certified and classified).

At Clive School – Character Counts!
Clive Elementary School Philosophy:

The staff of Clive Elementary School believes that every student is capable of learning. Each child is entitled to a supportive climate, which promotes feelings of dignity and self worth. Recognizing the uniqueness of children and the diversity of their needs, the staff accepts the responsibility for planning and implementing appropriate and productive learning experiences for all students.”

We have just completed a 7.5 million dollar remodeling project at Clive School. It has given us larger classrooms, air conditioning, better traffic flow, more parking, and a total upgrade of our building environment. We were displaced during the 2004-2005 school year and move to Clive South [Clegg Park] for the school year while the remodeling of our building took place. We are excited to be back for the 2005-2006 school year at the new and improved Clive Elementary School.

What we do best at Clive School is caring!


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