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on 26/03/2012

Alopecia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Clive Hair Clinics have qualified Trichologists, specialising in men’s and women’s hair loss treatment and restoration, with branches in, Auckland, Wellington, Hamilton and Melbourne. Clive Clinics have been providing trusted service to our clients for over 50 years and travel regularly to most major centres to consult with people concerned about hair loss.

There are a great number of myths and misconceptions about hair loss in men and women. The most common hair problems, representing over 75% of enquiries at our Clinics are Genetic Thinning, Diffuse Loss and Alopecia. Hopefully this online information will explain these disorders and what can and cannot be done for them.

This information is provided in good faith but does not take into account an individuals personal requirements and as such is not a substitute for professional advice.

If you are concerned about hair loss, thinning, alopecia, or an itchy or flaking scalp we recommend you visit a Clive Clinic’s Trichologist for a no obligation personal consultation. If you are interested contact us on 0800 40 88 91 or book online today.

What is Trichology?
Trichology deals with the study of scalp and hair problems – the different types of hair loss, baldness, scaling problems that occur, and the non-medical treatment of those maladies.

What is a qualified Trichologist?
A Clive Hair Clinics qualified Trichologist is someone who has successfully completed the trichology educational programme of the Clive Institute of Hair. The programme’s subject-matter includes anatomy and physiology of the skin and hair, anatomy and physiology of the systems of the body, chemistry, microscopy, mineral analysis, nutrition, hair and scalp maladies, and electrotherapy.

Clive Clinics provides haircare and non-medical treatments for hairloss. Clive Clinics does not undertake medical diagnosis. You should consult your medical practitioner for advice if you have any concern about your general state of health, illness or disease.

If you need to consult a Trichologist in New Zealand, Free phone: 0800 40 88 91

Clive Clinics and Clive Hair Clinics is the group trading name for Clive Hair Clinics Ltd incorporated in New Zealand (29876428) and Clive Clinics (Aust) Pty Ltd incorporated in Australia (23082753535).

Compiled and updated November 2011 by Rory Plumridge, an I.A.T. qualified Trichologist (1982) and Director of The Clive Institute of Hair who train and qualify Trichologists for Clive Clinics in Australia and New Zealand.

Level 4
300 Queen Street
Ph:   +64 9 373 2553
Fax: +64 9 373 4454

Level 1
270 Victoria Street
Hamilton (opposite Collingwood St)
Ph:   07 959 0011

Level 3
111 Customhouse Quay
(i-Soft House)
Ph: 04 914 1725
Fax: 04 914 454

Fax: 07 959 0014


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