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Clive Rich

on 26/03/2012
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Image by http://www.ariadnecapital.com/ via CrunchBase

Clive Rich is an international deal maker and trouble-shooter. He has played a crucial role in negotiating and brokering more than £10bn worth of global deals for a broad spectrum of multi-nationals, major organisations and super-brands, including Sony, Yahoo, Apple, Napster, BMG, San Disk, My Space and the BBC.

An Oxford University and the Inns of Court Law graduate, Clive Rich has more than 25 years experience creating and closing deals. He uses a unique framework which can be adapted depending on the size of deal, recognising that each negotiation and individual is different.

Clive believes that the power of negotiation and the ability to trouble-shoot deals has never been more important. With an unstable world economy, increasing competition as power and influence moves from the West to the East, and technology enabling business to converge globally, we now live in a New Deal Economy, where deal-making skills are paramount.

Also a highly experienced entertainment and digital media lawyer, Clive has represented Simon Cowell and his entertainment company SyCo, and negotiated deals with musicians including Take That, Dido, Annie Lennox and Simply Red, and with global brands such as Universal, Virgin and T-Mobile.

He negotiated BMG’s first agreement for Pop Idol recording rights with 19 Entertainment – an agreement which has since generated well over $1 billion of contribution for BMG worldwide. He also negotiated Syco’s production agreements for the X Factor and Got Talent.

He has also designed and successfully launched an App called “Close My Deal”, enabling people to understand the basis of successful negotiation and apply the skills to everyday scenarios.

Clive is married with four children and lives in London.


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