Just Clive Jive

Clive Murray

on 27/03/2012
Sideshow Bob in his brief first appearance in ...

Sideshow Bob in his brief first appearance in "The Telltale Head." His design was simple compared to later versions and would be refined for his appearance in "Krusty Gets Busted." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So I guess there should be a bio page here, somewhere, huh?
Technical Specifications

Date of manufacture: January 1974*.
Size: 5’11″, medium.
Colour: Negligible.
Eyes: Front-mounted.
Hair: Loads of it.
Habitat: East London.
Origin: Eastbourne, Sussex.
Answers to: Clive, Axemonkey, Tommi Starr, Sideshow Bob, Bob Solid, Would You Like Another Beer.
Functions: When not playing guitar, can be found building websites. Specialises in HTML, CSS, Javascript and AJAX.
Rock Guitarist and Gentleman Adventurer

There he is!That’s the strapline from my personal business cards, and it’s at least half true. I’ve been playing rock guitar since 1988, which is the longest time anyone has done anything in the world ever, and that’s a fact. So I should be better at it than I am, really. I’ve been in bands called (and this is going to be an exhaustive list whether you care or not) Shockwave, Sister Steele, NSK, Ugly Seed, Pegasus, May 19, Chameleon, Three, Strange Machine, Iguanahead, Claytown Troupe, Little Monkeys, and Crashstars. We don’t like to talk about Claytown Troupe though, because they replaced me without telling me and the first I knew about it was when I looked on their MySpace and saw someone else’s name where mine used to be. Heigh-ho.

I’m also a solo instrumentalist, and I released an independent self-produced album called “Earthman” in 2002, which you can check out on Last.fm and which will soon be in the iTunes Music Store. I hope to complete my second album (working title “Love & Painkillers”) in the next year, but I’m not committing to any hard deadlines. See the Music page if you want more links and stuff.

I play Blackmachine, Gibson and Ibanez guitars and Cornford amps, and there is more about that on the Guitars & Gear page. Oh, I use the Jim Dunlop Gatorgrip picks in 2mm thickness exclusively. Dunno why, but people seem to want to know that.

In the daytime (that’s when the yellow light is on in the big room) I work as a Senior Developer for Profero in Camden, London. It is the other thing I’m good at, and it allows me to buy food and keep a roof over the heads of me and mine.

I also live with** a huge ginger cat called Trevor. He is a legend in his own lunchtime, which lasts forever.

Oh, and I’m lucky enough to be engaged to a gorgeous wonderful loving angel of a woman who forgives more than she probably should, and who I can’t be more grateful to for putting up with my bullshit for this long.

Will that do?
–c. (5/2/2008)

* Not telling the date, you’ll have to ask me if you want to steal my identity. I’ll probably tell you anyway…
** People don’t “own” cats. If anything, it’s the other way around.



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