Just Clive Jive

Sean Clive

on 27/03/2012
Image of a metalized glass master used in cd r...

Image of a metalized glass master used in cd replication (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well the time has come!  We are ready to begin our next CD project for everyone to enjoy.  We have six songs completed and are hoping for several more in the next few months.  But, we couldn’t wait to get the first set of songs into people’s hands.  So we have created a short-run CD called Softly and Tenderly.  This CD will serve two purposes… to give people the music they have been requesting at concerts, and to help us complete production on a full-length project.  The full-length project will cost over $6000 to complete with final music production, artwork (including a booklet), and CD replication (making enough to sell and give away).

We had planned to make a short-run CD, prepare our own artwork and see what God had planned by looking at how many we sold.  The more we sold, the more we could produce in the future.  But as soon as we heard the first set of songs, we could not let this be all we have available.  So, I had a little talk with God and asked what He wanted me to do.  Of course, His answer was “what I want you to do?  ”You”?  Oh, yeah.  Sorry.  I forgot I don’t live in a vacuum and have been blessed many times over by people who have helped us to create the albums we have in the past.  So, I then began thinking about what you and I could do to make this CD project what it needs to be to touch the most hearts.  Then I started looking at the songs people have been requesting and it struck me that people needed to be comforted.  There are so many people in pain.  There are so many struggling their way through grief.  I have seen it in the eyes of the lovingly devoted wife of 60 years at her husband’s funeral or in the voice of the mother whose son has not spoken to her in years since he started using drugs.  Our music brings comfort.  And that is what we need to keep doing.

So, this (two-part) CD project will continue what we have been doing since my Mom’s death, sharing the love of Jesus through song and story.  The CD artwork below is the front and back cover of the CD that will serve as the vehicle to help us get the financial strength to move the full CD project to completion.  Our hope is that we will be able to sell enough of the short-run CDs and also get some sponsors who want to take this project from my dreamworld to reality.  We trust that if God wants this project to happen, He will make it happen.  And you can be a part of it.



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