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Sir Clive Marles Sinclair

on 27/03/2012
Sinclair Executive calculator. Clever design o...

Sinclair Executive calculator. Clever design of its electronics to reduce the power consumption allowed the use of button cells for the first time in a hand-held calculator, and gave a very thin design which was remarkable for the time. Photograph taken by myself of a calculator in my collection. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sir Clive Marles Sinclair has been an iconic and often controversial figure in British industry for more than quarter of a century. He chalked up significant successes – the first pocket calculator, the first pocket television, the best-selling British computer of all time – but is at least as well known for his spectacular failures, most notably the C5 electric vehicle. He was lauded (and awarded a knighthood) by Margaret Thatcher’s government for leading what was seen as a renaissance of British industry, but was seen in other quarters as offering only skin-deep solutions to Britain’s industrial malaise. Now in his sixties, Sir Clive still continues to produce a variety of innovative products from his London headquarters.


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